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  1. Time: 12:00 noon Eastern.
  2. Where: Here is the google sheet where the picks will be updated in real time. You can find the full draft order there. (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17Ya59llug-E771xM6dZadk87vAq9fG_CcS7hjBAwjU8/edit?ts=5a52c685#gid=0)
  3. There will be a chat set up on Facebook messenger. If you need in, let Rory know. You will announce your picks there. If it's your pick you'll have some time to talk trade if you want. There's no timer but be reasonable -- Rory will rush you when time's up. If you do make a trade, let Rory know so we can update the order.


Five-Hole Stuffing

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All teams in the league have been filled. While we hope all the current GMs stay with us for a long time to come, I am more than happy to start a waiting list. Have any friends interested in fantasy hockey? Tell them to send me an email and we'll get them a team as soon as we can. If you are interested in joining our league, send me an email at skylark_ss@hotmail.com.