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Yeah, yeah, Winnipeg won the SOHL cup, making them the first ever repeat winner. Grats.

Now, onto things people actually care about. With the close of the playoffs, Free Agency is next in line and it is looking like an exciting one.

Dan Rudd has put together a quick and dirty (okay, it's 3 pages, so not that quick) free agent preview. Comes with the top 10 most desirable FAs as well as some comparables, so you can see what to expect if you plan on throwing you hat into the ring on these big names. Thanks Dan!


Playoff Special

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All teams in the league have been filled. While we hope all the current GMs stay with us for a long time to come, I am more than happy to start a waiting list. Have any friends interested in fantasy hockey? Tell them to send me an email and we'll get them a team as soon as we can. If you are interested in joining our league, send me an email at

If you are looking to contact any of the other GMs in the league, you can click on the 'GM Page' link in the left navigation panel.