Taylor Arcaini - Metropolitan Agent

Alex Chiasson

Heading to Long Island.

Andrew Cogliano

Cogliano has his swim trunkssssss and his flippy floppiessss. He is heading to San Jose

Braydon Coburn

Nothing changed so Coburn and his big ass nose are going to Edmonton. 8/7

Brent Seabrook

One team really set its self apart this entire time and Seabrook count be happier to be returning to Washington.

Cal Clutterbuck

Cal Clutterbuck. Has there ever been a more Bill type player? Signs for 2.75 on a three year deal 8-7

Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson is looking forward to joining a cup contender and eventually taking over for part of the season once Jones collapses.

Chris Tanev

shooooooooorks win this one.

Karl Alzner

Was hard to pass up going and playing for the defending champs. Alzner is taking his limited talents to Arizona

Marcus Foligno

Doesn’t see a reason to wait any longer. Marcus is heading to Toronto. He’s excited but heard the gm is a bit odd.... 8/7

Michael Stone

Yeeeehawwwww Michael Stone is about to be a cowboy. Heading to Nashville

Niklas Hjalmarsson

Niklas is excited to join the Vegas golden knights for probably half a season then get traded.

Riley Nash

Nash can not wait to party in Vegas.

Ryan Callahan

Callahan is excited to be spending his nights at the Cactus Club in Edmonton. 8/7

Thomas Vanek

Thomas vanek is excited to freeze to death in Winnipeg.

Trevor Lewis

Trevor Lewis is happy to be going back Carolina on a 3 year deal.

Tyler Myers

This was an epic battle. The most fun I’ve had agenting. I feel like i could squeeze more money out of you all but i said he’d sign tonight. He’s excited to play time line minutes in Toronto.

Darcy Kuemper

Heading to Pitt.

Alex Petrovic

Seeing how there has been offers from one team only and the offers have gone down he isn’t risking any more times. A STAR IS BORN 8/7

Brad Hunt

Brad Hunt is raking his talents to the ducks. 8/7

Aaron Ness

Ness was the sickest character in N64. Oh and he’s going to Vegas. 8/8

Erik Gustafsson

happy to be joining the stars on a 4 year deal for 8.25 a year.

Matt Irwin

Oiii mate. Matt Steve Irwin (rip) is heading down under. Or Winnipeg. Or heaven? Who knows.

Chris Stewart

Don’t think he’s eligible? Played overseas last year but i think he had a tryout with flyers?

Jonathan Bernier


Brandon Sutter

Was happy his contract had no SB so he can’t gamble it away. He is heading to Vegas.

Cody Ceci

Alex Barré-Boulet

Seeing how no one else has bid and it’s been a couple days he’s heading to LA

Matt Moulson

This guy really plays still? Signing in Winnipeg

Antti Niemi

Taking his talents to Toronto

Devante Smith-Pelly


Nikita Gusev

Best offer is a three year deal for 6.1 although there is a fun offer for 1 year at 7.25 mill. Sorry for the delay on this he’ll sign tonight? Best offer

David Kampf

last contract was 1.75 for 3 years. Would settle for 1.5 for 2 8/15

Jason Garrison

Played over seas last year? Don’t think he’s eligible

Oscar Lindberg

Heading to Vegas

Boone Jenner

Has an offer for 2.3 to go back to Columbus. He is not considering signing. Last contract was for 3.75 isn’t signing for less 8/8

Connor Brickley

Has one offer for league min. 8:8

Luke Gazdic

One offer for league min 8/8

Brandon Davidson

Flo ridddda

Tom Kuhnhackl

Excited to join Flordia

Nick Shore

Playing in Khl :(

Ryan Shumay - Pacific Agent

Stephen Gionta

A two year deal for the recently retired Gionta. He’s highly considering coming out of retirement just for the signing bonus from nobody’s favourite Clarke.

Joe Thornton

Aug 9- Big Joe is taking his talents to Washington. He’s hoping that he was the missing piece to DC’s championship run. The money is nice too.

Carl Gunnarsson

Aug 5- A solid showing during the NHL playoffs has translated into a two year 1m AAV deal from a western powerhouse looking to solidify their bottom pairing. or maybe their top, who's to say really. Aug 6- Another one! A rebuilding team swoops in and ups the ante. Current best deal is a 2 year deal just over a mill. Do i smell a bidding war?!?!? Aug 7- And the race is on! A new team has entered the sweepstakes. two years, 2 mill.

Ryan White

This handsome fella signs in Edmonton. They’ve shown the most interest in his services throughout. 5years @ 520K

Brett Kulak

RFA** Aug 5- Brett Kulak has one offer from his current team. a 3 year deal worth the league min. His career highs from this season are in the way of him answering the phone on this one! Throw some Respekt on his name and then we can talk.

Alexander Steen

Aug 10- Signs in Anaheim. 3 years 4 million dollars.

Corey Tropp

Signs in D.C. 550K for 2

Par Lindholm

Aug 6- two year league min for Par Lindholm. Aug 7- 3 years @800K for a rebuilding west team. Aug 8- 3 years @ 900k is the top offer.

Noel Acciari

Aug 9- Carolina comes in and offers an extra year. Signs 3 seasons at 2.2.

Ron Hainsey

Aug 9- only one offer remains and Hainsey is not going to miss on that. Signs in Vegas 2years @ 1.75

Marcus Johansson

Fuck ya. This guys going to LA. He’s excited to party it up and hoped that maybe he can meet a supermodel. Oh the hockey parts alright too.

Jay Bouwmeester

A third year adding some extra extra change makes all the difference to jayBow. He signs in Washington for 3 seasons @ 2,666,667

Jason Spezza

Aug 9- what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. So Spezza is signing in Vegas. 2 years 2.25

Jason Pominville

The mayor is taking his talents to Toronto. He believes he has the best shot at winning with the leafs. 3 years @2.85

Jack Johnson

Packing his bags and heading to Detroit. 3 years 3.833,333 million.

Tommy Cross

Aug 6- Two year league min for this dud. Aug 8- signs in Washington. Two years @500k

Scottie Upshall

Signs in Carolina. 3 seasons @ 1.3.

Calvin Pickard

The Pick Axe will be taking his talents to the frigid north. 3 years @ 1.75. Don’t forget To pack your parka pal.

Patrick Brown

Aug 9- y’all are killing be with these guys. Top offer of 3 years at 600K

Michael Chaput

Aug 7- One offer. A three year 600K deal to play for an eastern team. Aug 9- a new offer has come in. It is literally 1 dollar more than the previous offer to be on a contender.

Colton Sissons

**RFA** Aug 7- Sissons has a two year offer to return to LA on a 250K raise. He would like to see a bit more money following a 3rd straight season setting career highs.

Linus Ullmark

aug 9- one team dropped out so Linus will sign with Anaheim. 4 years 2.25 a season

Dominik Simon

**RFA** Aug 7- 4years @ 1 mill per to return to LA. he is currently talking with his advisory board.

Jordan Oesterle

Aug 9- 2 years 550k

Jonathan Ericsson

Signs in Pitt. 2 years 1.15.

Jordan Nolan

Aug 8- seriously? There’s interest in this guy? Alright i guess. The top offer is 3 years at league minimum but close behind is a 600K contract with one less year. Aug 9- what the fuck is happening? 3 teams after this guys services. Top offer of 3@625K. I’m signing him tomorrow.

Leland Irving

Aug 8- one offer of 3 years at league minimum.

Matt Read

Aug 8- a two year deal worth the league min for Matt Read Aug 9- will sign next update. Top offer 3@550K

J.T. Brown

Aug 8- two offers from two perennial powerhouses in the west. A one year worth just over 800k and a 3 year 550k. Aug 9- idk y’all. This ones tough. One one hand he’s got money being offered. On the other. He has a chance to win.

Taylor Fedun

Aug 8- 3 year league min deal starts things off for Mr. Fedun.

Xavier Ouellet

**RFA** Aug 10- Xavier Ouellet has signed a 3 year deal in Columbus. Arizona has 48 hours to match or accept the 4th round pick as compensation.

Tyler Motte

**RFA** Aug 8- 3 years at the league minimum for Motte to return to Arizona.

Gabriel Bourque

Aug 8- 3 year league min offer for Gabriel

Nathan Gerbe

Aug 9- okay. 2 years 550k. Signing next update so he GTFO of my list.

Steve Laundrie - Unassigned Agent

Marian Gaborik


Andy Greene

August 9th, 2019: Anaheim is home! 2 seasons, 1.75M per.

Eddie Lack

August 9th, 2019: Joining the Ducks! 2 seasons, 900k per.

Kari Lehtonen

August 9th, 2019: 1 offer, league minimum with a signing bonus, 1 season.

Zack Kassian

August 9th, 2019: Flo-ri-da! 3 seasons, 1.2M.

Scott Wilson

August 9th, 2019: What the fuck is Carolina known for? Scott Wilson now, I guess. 4 seasons, 600k.

Kyle Criscuolo

August 9th, 2019: Wooo, Carolina. Yay. 4 seasons, 600k.

Marcus Kruger

August 9th, 2019: 2 seasons, just north of 1M.

Jarred Tinordi

August 8th, 2019: Beantown

Tyler Ennis

August 11th, 2019: Colorado! 3 seasons, 1.5M.

Kevin Czuczman

August 21, 2019: Only offer is below minimum league salary.

Rory Boylen - Atlantic Agent

Alexander Radulov

August 12: a competing bidder withdrew their offer and so only one deal was left in front of Radulov. He’s excited to sign in Colorado.

Brendan Gallagher

August 12: A dramatic final push and show of commitment from the Canadiens had Gallagher decide he wanted to be in Montreal. An SOHL 30 in 30 will be created for how this unfolded behind the scenes.

Brian Elliott

August 8: Goalie Guru Matt Bull makes it rain for Brian Elliott. $3,000,000(1) + $2,000,000 signing bonus - AVG: $5,000,000 per

Cody Eakin

August 11: In the end, the Colorado Avalanche offered too much money to Eakin. Colorado - $2,100,000(2) + $6,300,000 signing bonus - AVG: $5,250,000 per

James Neal

August 8: Buffalo's a sleeping giant. Eddie gets his man, signing the Real Deal: $2,000,000(1) + $4,000,000 signing bonus - AVG: $6,000,000 per

Jon Merrill

August 10: Two teams offered more than $ million, but the better offer was Dallas': $2,000,000(2) - AVG: $2,000,000 per

Kyle Okposo

August 8: Two more offers came in for Okposo, but neither came close to the money offered by Buffalo from the start: $3,000,000(1) + $3,000,000 signing bonus - AVG: $6,000,000 per

Kyle Turris

August 10: All teams put forth very solid offers, but one came through with the best term and enough extra money for Turris to sign tonight: Detroit - $3,900,000(3) + $6,000,000 signing bonus - AVG: $5,900,000 per

Marc Methot

August 10: Methot signs with the newest SOHL team: Vegas - $850,000(1) - AVG: $850,000 per

Matt Martin

August 10: After seeing interest drop off, Martin decided to sign with the best offer: Montreal - $1,500,000(3) + $1,500,000 signing bonus - AVG: $2,000,000 per

Matt Niskanen

August 8: A second offer came in, but it fell well short of the original in terms of money. Niskanen is happy to join the Maple Leafs: $4,000,000(4) - AVG: $4,000,000 per

Patrik Berglund

August 6: Berglund received one offer from the SOHL but has signed in Sweden and is therefore ineligible.

Richard Panik

August 10: Panik is happy to be a Jerk: Carolina - $2,400,000(3) + $2,100,000 signing bonus - AVG: $3,100,000 per

Sean Couturier

August 10: Had a wicked offer sheet presented to him, but the agent discovered the team doesn't have the pick compensation to cover it.

Petr Mrazek

August 11: With the long term offers just not coming up in price enough, Mrazek opted to sign shorter to bet on himself. Colorado - $900,000(2) + $2,700,000 signing bonus - AVG: $2,250,000 per

Eric Gryba

August 8: Bill brings in Gryba. $850,000(2) - AVG: $850,000 per

Daniel Carr

August 10: Sendin in the Carr to DC: Washington - $750,000(2) - AVG: $750,000 per

Pheonix Copley

August 10: Two identical offers in cash, but one year off in term. Copley is betting on himself being able to make up the difference in earnings by signing for two years: Calgary - $600,000(2) + $1,800,000 signing bonus - AVG: $1,500,000 per

Ryan Dzingel

August 10: One team offered the most money, but didn't meet the term that was being asked by Dzingel. So he's signing with the next best bid for a three year deal and a lot of up front cash: Washington - $2,750,000(3) + $8,250,000 signing bonus - AVG: $5,500,000 per

Neal Pionk

*RFA* August 6: Pionk received an offer sheet from Arizona for two years and a $1.05 million cap hit. He has signed it and the Lightning now have 48 hours to match or take third-round pick compensation. Powerful enemies being made.

Nikolay Goldobin

August 10: Would take a million per on a three-year deal, or 750K for two.

Ben Lovejoy

August 10: Lovejoy joins the Avalanche: Offer from - Colorado - $500,000(2) + $1,000,000 signing bonus - AVG: $1,000,000 per

Chris Terry

Ausgust 10: Mike Clarke, wastin my time: Winnipeg - $500,000(5) - AVG: $500,000 per

Chris Summers

August 10: Two offers of the same value came in. He will sign with the shorter one and could do so next update.

Matt Calvert

August 11: Four teams were all in on Calvert, two of which offered more than a million bucks. The best bid came from the Canadian capital. Ottawa - $1,250,000(3) - AVG: $1,250,000 per

Patrick Marleau

August 12: Florida's offer that was faxed to Marleau's agent had a smudged on it, so the money appeared more than it really was. After sorting through that error, the Panthers ended up slightly losing out to the high rolling Sabres: Buffalo - $2,000,000(1) + $4,000,000 signing bonus - AVG: $6,000,000 per

Troy Brouwer

August 11: After some strong offers, one team came through with the slightly better offer. Colorado - $900,000(2) + $2,700,000 signing bonus - AVG: $2,250,000 per

Brayden Point

August 13: Boston matched St. Louis' offer sheet on Point. Thanks to Chuck for the fun times while they lasted: $4,000,000(4) + $12,000,000 signing bonus - AVG: $7,000,000 per

Alexander Kerfoot

August 13: Kerfoot received an offer sheet from a rival team, but the money wasn't enough for such a long term. He'd sign the same amount on a three-year. Kerfoot has been calling GM Steve Laundrie, but has not yet heard back.

Ryan Pulock

August 10: An outside team is negotiating a deal with Pulock, setting up the possibility of an offer sheet. After looking at comparable contracts the past two seasons, he asks the team thinking about an offer sheet to up their money by $150,000 per and they'll have a deal.

Malcolm Subban

August 20: Subban made $1.7 million on his last contract. No, Josh Stone, he won't sign an offer sheet with you to take a nearly 50 per cent pay cut.

MacKenzie Weegar

August 21: Give him a million dollars JOSH and he'll sign your offer sheet.

Darryl Jeffay - Central Agent

Brandon Dubinsky

Aug 9 - Dubinsky has agreed to wear the black and gold for the next 2 seasons

Derick Brassard

Aug 9 - Brassard is happy to announce he's signing a 2 year deal to play for the Blue Jackets

Anton Khudobin

Aug 8 - Khudobin signs with AZ for 1 year

Justin Williams

Aug 9 - Mr Game 7 will be taking is talents north of the border signing a 2 year deal with Calgary

Tyler Toffoli

Aug 9 - Toffoli has agreed to a 3 year deal with the LA Kings

Ryan Stanton

Aug 9 - Stanton has agreed to a 3 year deal with the Panthers

Trevor Daley

Aug 10 - Daley has agreed to a 3 year deal with Buffalo

Scott Harrington

Aug 8 - Harrington signs in Dallas for 4 years

Andreas Borgman

Aug 13 - **RFA** Borgman has signed a 2 year offer with the Rangers. Minnesota has 48 hours to match. **Matched by Minnesota**

Scott Mayfield

Aug 13 - **RFA** Mayfield has signed a 5 year offer sheet with Montreal. Dallas has 48 hours to match. **Dallas has matched the offer**

Travis Zajac

Aug 10 - Vegas Baby !! Zajac signs for 3 years

Ryan Reaves

Aug 9 - Reavo has agreed to a 3 year deal with the CBJ

Ryan Kesler

Aug 9 - Kesler has agreed to sign a 2 year deal taking his "talents" north of the border to play in Montreal

Roman Polak

Aug 8 - signs in Anaheim .. don't unpack those bags Roman you'll probably be traded soon

Mike Smith

Aug 8 - Smith has signed a 1 year deal to play in Edmonton

Matt Bartkowski

Aug 8 - signs in Ottawa

Martin Marincin

Aug 8 - signs in Edmonton

Artem Anisimov

Aug 9 - Farty Arty has signed a 2 year deal in St. Louis for $6,0 per year

Craig Anderson

Aug 8 - Anderson signs in Edmonton for 1 year

Derek Forbort

Aug 8 - Forbort has signed in Toronto

Eric Staal

Aug 9 - Staal signs in Winnipeg for $14,000,000 per year

Jeff Carter

Aug 9 - Jeff Carter is taking his talents to the sunshine state and signing a 2 year deal for $10,0 per with Colorado

Lars Eller

Aug 9 - Lars is happy to sign a 2 year deal to continue his career St.Louis

Marc Staal

Aug 9 - Marc is joining Eric and Jordan in Winnipeg

Mark Pysyk

Aug 9 - Pysyk has signed in Anaheim, however he won't move his family there yet as he knows there's a strong possibility he will be traded before the season starts.

Adam McQuaid

Aug 9 - McQuaid has agreed to a 4 year deal with in Toronto

Jan Rutta

Aug 10 - Rutta has agreed to a deal with Colorado

Benoit Pouliot

Aug 8 - Pouliot signs with St. Louis

Tyler Wotherspoon

Aug 9 - Signs with the blues

Zemgus Girgensons

Aug 13 - Girgensons has agreed to a 2 year extension with Minnesota

Kurtis MacDermid

Aug 13 - MacDermid has resigned in Dallas

Joonas Donskoi

Aug 10 - Donskoi has signed with the Islanders

Andreas Martinsen

Aug 9 - Martinsen has agreed to a 3 year deal with the Hawks

Charlie Lindgren

Aug 8 - Lindgren signs on the Island for 4 years

Brandon Manning

Aug 9 - Manning has agreed to a 2 year deal in the motor city

Jean-Francois Berube

Aug 8 - signs in Chicago

Johnny Boychuk

Aug 9 - Johnny B has agreed to a 1 year deal with the Oilers

Colin Wilson

Aug 9 - Wilson is happy for all the interest but has decided to sign with the Florida Panthers for 3 years

Clayton Stoner

Aug 8 - Stoner signs with the Blues for 3 years at the league minimum

Cam Ward

Aug 7 - 2 years 950k for this former number 1 goalie

Andrew Hammond

Aug 9 - Hammond will be playing the next 4 years for Winnipeg's farm system

Matt Hunwick

Aug 9 - signs with the blues

Jori Lehtera

Aug 10 - Lehtera is joining the bunch of jerks in Carolina

Robert Bortuzzo

Aug 9 - Robert "you know" Bortuzzo has agreed to a 1 year deal with the Oilers

Matt Tennyson

Aug 9 - Signs in Winnipeg

Zac Dalpe

Aug 13 - Dalpa has agreed to a 2 year extension with Dallas

David Rittich

Aug 13 - **RFA** Rittich has signed a 1 year deal with Nashville. Minnesota has 48 hours to match. **Matched by Minnesota**

Ian McCoshen

**RFA** signed a 2 year offer sheet with the Rangers for $900k per year. Predators have 48 hours to match

Dmitrij Jaskin

**RFA** Dmitrij Jaskin has signed a 2 year offer sheet for $700k per year with Boston. Colorado has 48 hours to match