Taylor Arcaini - Unassigned Agent

Bryan Little

Top offer is a multi year deal for slightly over 2 mill. 9.3

Jordie Benn

Best offer is slightly over 1.1 mill on a four year deal. Will sign tonight.

Karl Alzner

signing his only deal. before he retires and can't get the bag 9.3

Riley Sheahan

best offer is a 3 year deal. 9.2

Joseph Blandisi

i guess he signs? still don't know if this guy is real. 9.3

Linus Ullmark

Happy to have a chance at starting for the DUCKS

Michael Vecchione

1 offer for close to league min. signs next update. 9.3

Christian Fischer

All offers really close. Signs tonight. 3 year deal for 2 is appealing 5 year deal for 1.6 aso appealing. 9.7

Greg McKegg

one offer. will sign next update 9.3

Joel Kellman


Ryan Shumay - Metropolitan Agent

Ryan Hartman

A 3 year deal worth 1 mill annually for The fart man. He likes the term but would like to see just a tad more money.

Stephen Johns

Top offer is 3 years just under 1.1 AAV. Will sign tomorrow morning.

Devon Toews

RFA Devon toews is not interested in the 4 year deal just above the league min To return to his current team.

Mark McNeill

Ineligible to sign a contract as a EURO

Brandon Montour

A 4 year deal worth 2 mill is now in the mix. Mr. Montour appreciates the interest he has received. However, he feels he is worth more than the amounts he has been offered currently.

Ben Chiarot

1/20- two offers to start one east one west . One is poopy, the other is pretty okay. No rush baaaaaby. 2/20- a new team has enter the sweepstakes for this machine. A 5 year deal worth 2 annually has chiarot contemplating his next move.

Adam Lowry

2/08-now the offers are rolling in! Strangely, the same team is bidding itself up... Current top offer is a 2 season deal worth a tad over 21 million annually to lock up the bottom 6 of a western powerhouse!

Keith Kinkaid

1/08- a single two season offer under a mill for the journeyman backup. He’s in no rush to sign 2/08- a three season offer has crossed my desk worth 1.5 that has Kinky Keith thinking.

Patrick Maroon

Carolina wins the bid for maroon. 4 years 4.125 AAV.

Jonathan Ericsson

1/08- a single two year offer under a mill to start for Ericsson.

Joe Thornton

Calgary signs jumbo. 1 year 10aav

Dmitry Orlov

Orlov is heading to Montreal. 5 years worth 6 annually

Alex Goligoski

Buffalo sweeps in and signs goligoski. 3 years 6aav.

Adam Larsson

Signs in Minnesota. 3 years 8aav

Brandon Dubinsky

Dallas signs Dubinsky. 4 years 3aav

Yannick Weber

1/08- a two season deal under a mill to start 6/08- two seasons at a mill.

Derek Ryan

8/08- 8 teams jumping in the mix for this stud. Current top offer is 2 years at 1.4 AAV.

Alexander Radulov

Signs in Washington. 3 seasons @10.0005 aav

Kris Russell

2/08- a one year deal under a mill to start. He will wait a few days before signing if there’s no new interest.

Daniel Carr

2/08- 3 seasons just above the minimum. Will sign in 24 hours barring any new interest

Jordan Oesterle

2/08- a 3 season deal worth under a mill to start.

Jesper Fast


Jake McCabe

*RFA* A long term league minimum offer from his home club and A two year offer worth a mill has mccabe considering his options.

Matt Moulson

Signs in Tampa. 5 years 1 mill AAV.

Reece Scarlett

Ineligible to sign in SOHL. Currently plays in KHL

Louis Domingue

Will sign best offer next update. Current top offer is a 4 year deal worth 850k

Steve Laundrie - Pacific Agent

Andrew Cogliano

Sept 7 2020: Cogliano signs with St. Louis!

Brian Boyle

Sept 3 2020: Nobody wanted to offer more than 1 season so he'll take the deal with the farm town city and move to Calgary!

Justin Williams


Matt Duchene

Sept 4 2020 - Matt Duchene, after much back and forth and a late night final bid-off, signs with... THE MINNESOTA WILD! At 15M averaged out over 3 seasons.

J.T. Brown

Sept 3 2020 - J.T. Brown goes to Winnipeg. Yay. Winnipeg.

Brenden Dillon

Sept 9 2020: WASHINGTON!

Carl Soderberg

Sept 3 2020 - Soderberg signs with Carolina for 2 seasons.

Ondrej Palat

Sept 3 2020: Palat heads to Arizona where he'll make 7.4M for 3 seasons!

Stefan Matteau

Sept 3 2020 - 1 offer for league minimum on the table for 4 seasons. He knows what he is. He'll sign in 48 hours.

Trevor van Riemsdyk

Sept 5 2020: Montreal for 4 seasons!

Olli Maatta

Sept 7 2020: To Arizona!

Cody Ceci

Sept 3 2020: Ceci is happy to sign with Arizona for 3 seasons for 5M.

Sean Kuraly

Sept 5 2020 - San Jose takes the services of Kuraly with a 3 season deal worth 925k per

Chris Tierney

Sept 3 2020: Tierney returns to San Jose!

Nicolas Aube-Kubel

Sept 7 2020 - Aube-Kubel has signed the offer sheet for 750k for 3 seasons. San Jose has 24 hours to match or select a 4th round pick to receive from Carolina.

Malcolm Subban

Sept 7 2020: Subban signs the offer sheet for 1.7M for 3 seasons. Vegas has 24 hours to match or select a 3rd round pick from Minnesota.

Dominik Kahun

Sept 3 2020: Kahun is a Coyote!

Evan Rodrigues

Sept 5 2020 - DETROIT!

Christian Dvorak

Dvorak returns to Calgary for 3 seasons at 2.5M per.

Jason Spezza

Sept 5 2020 - 1.8M for 2 seasons sounds pretty good. Time to learn to play guitar, we're going to St. Louis!

Brandon Pirri

Sept 5 2020 - The Ducks have a new quacker!

Corey Crawford

Sept 5 2020 - Crawford signs with Washington as the only team left with an offer on the table.

Darren Helm

Sept 7 2020 - Edmonton accepts the service of Helm.

David Schlemko

Sept 5 2020 - Walla-walla-Washington!

Rory Boylen - Atlantic Agent

Alex Nedeljkovic

Sept. 10: Signs an offer sheet with Anaheim - $1,700,000(3) - AVG: $1,700,000 per. Florida has 48 hours to match.

Alexander Edler

Sept. 7: Only one team upped their offer from the last update so Edler is ready to sign with Boston - $3,000,000(3) + $9,000,000 signing bonus - AVG: $6,000,000 per

Austin Watson

Sept. 7: Signs with Boston - $500,000(1) + $1,500,000 signing bonus - AVG: $2,000,000 per

Blake Comeau

Sept. 6: Signs with Toronto: $700,000(3) - AVG: $700,000 per

Calvin De Haan

Sept. 7: Signs with Montreal - $3,000,000(3) + $6,000,000 signing bonus - AVG: $5,000,000 per

Carl Gunnarsson

Sept. 6: Signs with Anaheim: Anaheim - $1,500,000(2) - AVG: $1,500,000 per

Dustin Brown

Sept. 2: Brown had an offer from Vegas that was too good to pass up. $3,000,000(2) + $3,000,000 signing bonus - AVG: $4,500,000 per

Evgenii Dadonov

Sept. 7: The top multi year offer was pulled back so Dadonov is signing with Edmonton - $3,500,000(1) + $10,500,000 signing bonus - AVG: $14,000,000 per

Henrik Lundqvist

Sept. 7: One bidder came over the top so Lundqvist will sign with Boston: $2,000,000(1) + $6,000,000 signing bonus - AVG: $8,000,000 per

Jake Gardiner

Sept. 6: Signs with Arizona - $2,800,000(3) + $8,400,000 signing bonus - AVG: $5,600,000 per

Jordan Eberle

Sept. 7: Eberle signs with Buffalo - $4,000,000(2) + $8,000,000 signing bonus - AVG: $8,000,000 per

Tyler Bozak

Sept. 6: One offer stands out s he'll sign in Anaheim - $1,700,000(2) + $700,000 signing bonus - AVG: $2,050,000 per

Patrik Nemeth

Sept. 2: Patrik Nemeth signs with Winnipeg: $500,000(3) + $1,500,000 signing bonus - AVG: $1,000,000 per

Joonas Donskoi

Sept. 2: No further updates came in so he will sign the highest offer he's got. TampaBay - $4,062,500(5) + $12,187,500 signing bonus - AVG: $6,500,000 per

Clayton Keller

Sept. 2: Keller has a $3.5 million offer on the table, but he wants another million added.

Andy Greene

Sept. 7: Signs with Edmonton - $500,000(1) + $650,000 signing bonus - AVG: $1,150,000 per

Chris Stewart

Sept. 6: Signs with Toronto - $650,000(4) - AVG: $650,000 per

Derick Brassard

Sept. 6: Signs with Florida - $900,000(2) + $500,000 signing bonus - AVG: $1,150,000 per

Dmitry Kulikov

Sept. 7: Signs with Dallas - $3,000,000(3) + $2,000,000 signing bonus - AVG: $3,666,667 per

Frans Nielsen

Sept. 6: Signs with Edmonton - $500,000(1) + $500,000 signing bonus - AVG: $1,000,000 per

John Moore

Sept. 6: Signs with Buffalo - $2,000,000(2) + $4,000,000 signing bonus - AVG: $4,000,000 per

Jonathan Bernier

Sept. 6: Signs with Toronto - $1,000,000(3) + $1,500,000 signing bonus - AVG: $1,500,000 per

Justin Faulk

Sept. 6: Signs with Anaheim - $4,850,000(5) + $4,100,000 signing bonus - AVG: $5,670,000 per

Matt Puempel

Sept. 2: One offer is on the table. Puempel could sign next update.

Wayne Simmonds

Sept. 6: A bunch of follow up offers came in, but one stands out above the rest so he's signing in LosAngeles - $1,250,000(3) + $3,000,000 signing bonus - AVG: $2,250,000 per

Pheonix Copley

Sept. 2: Has one offer on the table he'll be happy to take next update.

Ben Hutton

Sept. 7: Signs with TampaBay - $1,350,000(4) - AVG: $1,350,000 per

Brian Dumoulin

Sept. 6: Teams responded and he's happy to take the new top bid and sign with Florida - $2,500,000(3) + $1,500,000 signing bonus - AVG: $3,000,000 per

Anton Forsberg

Sept. 2: Two close offers are on the table. He could sign the best one next update.

Mackenzie Blackwood

Sept. 8: Signed an offer sheet with the Columbus Blue Jackets for three years at $3 mil per season. Detroit has 48 hours to match or receive a second round pick.

Nolan Patrick

Sept. 8: Nolan Patrick has signed an offer sheet with Minnesota for one year and $3.2 million. Florida has 48 hours to match or receive a second round pick.

Aaron Dell

Sept. 7: Signs with Edmonton - $500,000(2) + $500,000 signing bonus - AVG: $750,000 per

Patrick Eaves

Sept. 10: Eaves signs with SanJose - $750,000(1) + $750,000 signing bonus - AVG: $1,500,000 per

Darryl Jeffay - Central Agent

Artem Anisimov

Sept 5 - Anisimov signs a 3 year deal with LA

Jason Demers

Sept 25 - Demers signs with Edmonton.

Jay Beagle

Sept 5 - signs with the Habs

Jeff Carter

Sept 5 - Carter signs a 2 year deal with GM Mike Clarke and the St Louis Blues

Cody Eakin

Sept 5 - Eakin signs with the Islanders for 3 years and $1,8 per

Jon Merrill

Sept 5 - Merrill the squirrel signs with GM Mike Clarke in Winnipeg

Lars Eller

Sept 6 - Eller signs with the islanders for 4 years

Martin Hanzal

Sept 5 - signs with the devils

Matt Nieto

Sept 5 - signs with the Wild

Jean-Gabriel Pageau

Sept 6 - Pageau is heading to Dallas for the next 3 years at $11,666,667 per year

Alex Petrovic

Sept 5 - signs a 4 year deal in Tampa

Boone Jenner

Sept 5 - Poon Jenner is snappin necks and cashin cheques for the next 4 years in the BIG D ... $5,625,000 per year !!!

Vince Hinostroza

Sept 11 - **RFA** Chicago has matched

Nick Seeler

Sept 5 - Minnesota has sealed the deal with Seeler for the next 5 years and $750k per

Fredrik Claesson

Sept 5 - signs with the Blue Jackets

Nick Holden

Sept 5 - Holden signs with the Hurricans

Tyler Pitlick

Sept 5 - Pitlick signs with the Habs for 5 years and $2,6m per

Andrew Shaw

Sept 5 - signs in Anaheim

Kevin Fiala

Sept 11 - **RFA** Kevin Fiala has now a member of the Hurricans

Jared Coreau

Sept 8 - signs in Boston

Gustav Forsling

Sept 8 - signs in Chicago

Matt Read

Sept 5 - signs with the Pens

Tim Erixon

Sept 5 - Erixon signs with the Wild

Troy Brouwer

Sept 5 - signs with the Bruins

Jan Rutta

Sept 5 - Rutta signs with the Lightning .. #nostatetax

Elias Lindholm

Sept 10 - **RFA** Lindholm has signed in Carolina, Chicago will receive a 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Alex Wennberg

Sept 17 - signs in Chicago

Dalton Prout

Sept 5 - signs with the Habs for a year

Nick Paul

Sept 5 - signs with the Hawks for 5 years

Joel Eriksson-Ek

Sept 8 - signs in Chicago

Jonny Brodzinski

Sept 3 - 5 years 800k

Tyrell Goulbourne

Sept 3 - 5 years 600k

Tyler Lewington

Sept 4 - 5 years 600k

Brad Richardson

Sept 8 - signs in Detroit

Curtis Lazar

Sept 8 - resigns in Chicago

Drew Miller

Sept 8 - signs in Detroit

Nic Petan

Oct 22 - *RFA* Petan has signed a 2 year offer from Arizona averaging $1,250,000 per year. Nashville has 48 hours to match.

Curtis McKenzie

Sept 8 - signed in Tampa

Andreas Englund

Sept 8 - signed in Chicago

Denis Malgin

Oct 22 - *RFA* Denis Malgin has signed a 1 year offer with New Jersey for $550,000. Nashville has 48 hours to match.