Taylor Arcaini - Metropolitan Agent

Mathieu Perreault

One offer still from a total fucking idiot. 2.20

Brian Boyle

Two offers to start, a one year deal and a two year deal. Money is the same but the one year deal is more appealing 2.20

Corey Perry

One offer for two million dollars. will wait and see 2.20

Craig Smith

four year offer for a little over a million. hoping for more money 2.20

Derek Stepan

3 year deal is the only offer so far for a little under 2 mill. will wait and see if any other offers come in. 2.20

Ilya Kovalchuk

the hottest Russian in the NHL (suck it Ovie). 1 offer so far 2.20

James VanRiemsdyk

TONS of INTEREST. best offer is a 4 year deal for a little over 6 million. 2.20

Jared Spurgeon

four offers. lots of fun. top offer is currently a 3 year deal at 6.5 but there is a four year deal at 4.3 that is also interesting. 2.20

Jonathan Quick

1 offer so far. Will wait and see what else comes in, would prefer some term. 2.20

Jordan Staal

2 offers top one being multi year over 4.5 million. 2.20

Josh Bailey

two offers. One for two years at 7.5 the other for 3 years at 6. i don't know which is better to be honest. will wait and see 2.20

Matt Taormina

one offer for league min. will sign next update if nothing else comes 2.20

Michael Del Zotto

one offer on the table. Will sign next update if nothing else comes in 2.20

Valtteri Filppula

one offer. hates the gm. will wait and see if anything comes 2.20

Zach Parise

top offer is for 9 mill. will wait and see if anyone ups there offers 2.20

Radko Gudas

Top offer is for 2 mill, will see if anyone updates 2.20

Seth Helgeson

one offer for league min, will sign next update. 2.20

Nate Schmidt

5 offers. Top offer is a 3 year deal right around 7 mill. Nate is very excited to see how teams will react. 2.20

Nick Cousins

one offer for league min. 2.20

Michael Hutchinson

one offer for league min. will sign next update. 2.20

Nathan Lieuwen

one offer for league min. will sign next update 2.20

Conor Sheary

two offers. top offer is 3 year deal. 2.20

Garnet Hathaway

one offer for league min. will sign next update 2.20

Casey DeSmith

one offer so far. will wait and see as he expects some interest. 2.20

Pierre-Luc Dubois

*** OFFER SHEET SIGNED*** Pierre-Luc Dubois has signed an offer sheet with Boston.

Ryan Shumay - Pacific Agent

Henrik Lundqvist

2/19- hey fuckers. Two offers, both in the West, one for a contender, one for an awakening bottom dweller. He would like a multi season deal, but also wants to get paid. He is “The King” after all.

Kevin Shattenkirk

2/21- holy shit! 6 teams are interested in this dude. Current top offer is a 3 season deal to remain in the west.

Michael Frolik

2/19- two competing offers from Western Canadian teams. Top offer is a multi year deal worth around 2AAV. Do I smell a bidding war?

Mike Smith

2/19- One offer To start. He has no problem waiting for the offers at this point.

Mikko Koivu

2/19- one offer to return to his current team. He’s goona wait and ask Saku what he thinks. .

Patrick Marleau

2/19- one offer to start. He will wait for a more developed market.

Zdeno Chara

2/19- two identical offers from two western clubs. Grab your popcorn folks. Here we go. 2/19- current top offer is a 1 year deal for 10.

Colton Sceviour

2/19- a multi year offer from his current club. He will wait for a bit.

Sam Carrick

2/19- a nice multi year offer to play East.

Paul Carey

2/19- 2 years to play for an east team.

Chris Wagner

2/19- a nice offer to start. Seems a bottom dwelling team out east looks to be filling their roster out.

Wade Megan

2/19- Wade Meagan has retired from the SOHL. He looks forward to his future endeavours and time with his family.

Jaycob Megna

2/19- two seasons to play for an eastern team.

Philip Varone

2/19- two seasons for an Eastern squad.

Anton Khudobin

2/21-4 offers to start for Mr. Khudobin. Current leading bid is a 2 season deal worth 3+ to head out east.

Connor Murphy

2/19- one offer to start. He has no problem waiting for the time being.

Dale Weise

2/21- a multi year deal to head west to a cheaters team. He appreciates the offer and will consider signing it barring no further interest.

Robert Bortuzzo

2/21- a nice two season deal to start. He will consider signing barring no further interest

P.E. Bellemare

2/21- a nice multi year deal to start. He appreciates the interest in his long term future but would like to see a few more dollars.

Steve Laundrie - Unassigned Agent

Mikko Koskinen

Feb 20: A whopper of a 2 season deal has come in for Koskinen at 7.5M per season. He's happy to see an offer that respects his skill level and will sign in 48 hours.

Blake Lizzotte

Feb 20: A pair of league minimum offers, each for 3 seasons. He'll sign with whoever gives him a better offer first.

Ilya Mikayev

Feb 21: A deal has come in at a cool $2M + $2 (That's 2 million and 2 dollars total) for 4 seasons. 24 hours to up the ante.

Pavel Francouz

Feb 21: A 5 seasons at 2.3M! HE'S HEATING UP! 24 hours 'til signing.

Kasimir Kaskisuo

Feb 20: Kaskisuo has a minimum offer. He'll wait a few to see what happens before making a decision.

Gaetan Haas

Feb 20: A league minimum offer for 4 seasons is the best deal currently. He'll sign in 48 hours.

Joakim Nygard

Feb 21: A new deal for 1M for 3 seasons. 24 hours.

Joel Persson

Feb 20: The same offer has been made for Persson as his best friend Nygard. 3 seasons, just north of 800k. He'll sign in 48 hours.

Zack MacEwen

Feb 20: A big boy deal for 5 seasons at 800k per is looking pretty sweet. MacEwen will sign in 48 hours.

Lean Bergmann

Feb 20: A lean league minimum offer for 3 seasons is on the table for Bergmann. He'll sign in 48 hours.

Otto Leskinen

Feb 20: 2 offers sit with Leskinen's agent, each for league minimum, but differing in term with one at 2 seasons and the other at 3. He'll sign the best offer in 48 hours and is currently leaning toward the one with more term.

Johan Larsson

Feb 21: 800k for 2 seasons? Sure, why not? He'll sign in 48 hours.

Kevin Boyle

Feb 21: League minimum for 5 years to be a bench warmer? Why not? Sign in 48 hours.

Alexander Yelesin

Feb 21: $750k for 4 seasons. He'll sign in 48 hours.

Rory Boylen - Atlantic Agent

Al Montoya

Feb. 19: Has one league minimum offer on the table.

Calle Jarnkrok

Feb. 19: Has one offer on the table worth $1.25 million on a two year pact.

Jordan Schroeder

Feb. 19: Playing in Europe. Ineligible to sign.

Korbinian Holzer

Feb. 19: Has one league minimum offer on the table

Zach Trotman

Feb. 20: A second bid has come in and upped the value by close to 100K. Trotman probably won't take long to sign.

Melker Karlsson

Feb. 20: Still just a one three year deal on the table worth $1 mill AAV. If nothing else comes in soon, Karlsson could sign fast.

Ryan Faragher

Feb. 20: Sure. Client I've never heard of signs with Boston - $500,000(3) - AVG: $500,000 per

Justin Holl

Feb. 19: Three new offers have come in, so four teams are now in on Holl. Top bid is a multi-year pact worth around $1 million.

Gustav Nyquist

Feb. 20: Three offer on the table of varying values. Top offer is a two-year contract with an AAV around $7 million. He could sign over the weekend.

James Neal

Feb. 20: Two offers on the table, both for the same term, between $1-1.5 million AAV. Neal will see how the teams respond.

Jarred Tinordi

Feb. 20: Has one offer on the table worth 900K. He may not wait long to sign.

Magnus Paajarvi

Feb. 20: Playing overseas and ineligible to sign.

Michael Raffl

Feb. 20: Two offers on the table, top bid at $1 million.

Teuvo Teravainen

Feb. 20: An offer sheet has come in to Teravainen, but he's unlikely to sign it. He believes the offer is below market value and designed just to keep compensation down.

Ryan Carpenter

Feb. 20: One offer on the table for a little over league minimum. Carpenter won't take long to decide his future.

Darryl Jeffay - Central Agent

David Rittich

Feb 21 - More offers have come in for Rittich, the top offer is a 4 year deal averaging out to $4m per year. He's excited about this offer but will wait a day or two to see how things shake out

Jeremy Smith

Feb 21 - 2 years at $500k per is the offer for Smith

Alex Killorn

Feb 21 - 2 competing offers for Killorn, they are both around the $4,5m per year range but one for 2 years and the other for 3 years. He will wait a day or two before deciding

Tanner Pearson

Feb 21 - Pearson has received a few offers with the top offer a 5 year deal at $3m per year ... he really misses Bill

Milan Lucic

Feb 21 - 2 offers on the table, both at $2m per year ... he would like to sign in the next 24 hours

Justin Braun

Feb 21 - 6 offers on the table for Braun. Top offer is a 3 year deal for just under $3,5m per year. He'd like to sign in the next 24-48 hours so get those offers in

Johnny Boychuk

Feb 21 - Johnny B has a decent 1 year $2m offer on the table

Jake Allen

Feb 21 - Allen has seen a slew of new offers come his way. Top offer is a 3 year $2m deal, he will waiting 24-48 hours before signing but does like that offer

Bobby Ryan

Feb 21 - Bobby Ryan is living off his great name .. 2 years at $2,500,000 per ... yeah he will sign in 24 hours

Nick Bonino

Feb 21 - 2 year deal for this solid 3rd liner at just over $1m per year

Zack Smith

Feb 21 - 2 year deal on the table for $1m per year

Luke Schenn

Feb 21 - WOW ... surprisingly a lot of offers have come to the table for Luke Schenn. They are all close, in the $1m per year range. He will sign in the next 24 hours so get those final offers in

Dan Hamhuis

Feb 21 - a 2 year $1,250,000 is the top offer for Hamhuis